Sehun's wife's sns 2

It's a private account of sehun's wife, her name is ....., they married on february 8th, 2014. She just following the private account of sehun, exo's members, manager, staff, and some SME artist, sooman's following her too, and also exo's family, like their parents or siblings who have sns account.
They married because they love each other, and SM allowed them to get married. Sehun's wife born on april 8th, 1996, so they merried when sehun is 20 and sehun's wife is 18 (it's korean age)
She made this account after she gave sena born to this world, on december 25, 2014.

¤ december 26, 2014 ¤
Hi... look! It's me, sehun and our baby, oh sena...<3 [A picture of sehun, his wife and the baby in the hospital room]

¤ december 27, 2014 ¤
It's baby and mom's time. Kkkk. Sehun's practicing for gayo daejun show now :( [A picture of sehun's wife and baby sena on her arms, they're sitting on the hospital bed]

¤ december 30, 2014 ¤
We are going to live in sehun's parents home, 'cause my hometown isn't at seoul. actually I'm a/an ........ . And my parents would live here too until the second days of january.

¤ december 31, 2014 ¤
We are celebrating new years in front of the tv, 'cause we want to see sena appa, he's perfoming in china :(

Sehunna : @……… I'm sorry for leaving you and sena...:(
@sehunna it's okay oppa... here's a picture of our baby sena [A picture of baby sena in sehun's wife arm]
Sehunna : @……… gosh! I miss you guys so much! I hope you and sena are here to support me..
@sehunna we miss you to oppa.. just do your best okay?.. we always support you from here^^
@sehunna : @……… thank you, luv<3
¤ january 1st, 2015 ¤
Sehunna : @……… HAPPY NEW YEARS, LUV, AND. MY BABY!!  LOVE U <3
@sehunna happy new years oppa, me and baby sena love you too<3 [A picture of sehun's wife and baby sena with trumpeth]

¤ January 2nd, 2015 ¤
My parents are going back to ...... . Their flight is an hour from now. sena will miss halmonie and halbojie [A picture of sehun's wife, her parents, and baby sena in her dad's arms at incheon airport]
Paypay halmonie.. halbojie.. baby sena love you.

¤ january 4, 2015 ¤
He's learning how to change the diapers of baby sena. Kkkk
He was crying when bathing baby sena, he said he's afraid of hurting the baby.. ow~ oh sehun is such a crybaby. Kkkk [A picture of sehun crying in the bathroom while sena on his hands]

kimkaiout : @……… right! Such a cry baby...
Zitaopanda : @……… he's terrible
Byuneebb : @zitaopanda @……… yup! But tao, actually, you are more terrible than sehun..
Zitaopanda : @byuneebb @……… shut up, hyung!

¤ january 5, 2015 ¤
We are buying things for baby sena..
He's wearing a white cap and a sun glasses, and you know what? He put mustace so there's nobody would recognise him. Kkkkk. He's still handsome tough [A picture of sehun with a white cap, sunglasses and mustace while smiling at the camera]
We bough all this for the baby. It's really tiring to buy this all! [A picture of sehun and his wife's shopping goods, there're crib, clothes, shoes and many more]

¤ january 10th, 2015 ¤
We're moving to our new apartment, sehun's bought it for us with his money.. what a lovely husband he is..
He said he bought this apartment, because it's near exo's dorm..

¤ january 11th, 2015 ¤
The apartment is crowded with exo members. Hihihi. They said they want to celebrate our new apartment and kyungsoo oppa's birthday at the same time [A picture of exo members at sehun's new apartment]
Suho oppa made baby sena cry..--

Jungkrys : @……… he can't be a dad!
Susuho : @jungkrys @……… yah! You really?!
They're leaving now, after cleaning the house.. such a gentlemen..

¤ january 14th, 2015 ¤
@kimkaiout jongin oppa, happy birthday to you~ baby sena give you a kiss from here [A picture of baby sena close up face]

Kimkaiout : @……… thank you luv.. awww~ I want to kiss baby sena too.. i'd love you to join us now, luv...
Sehunna : @kimkaiout @……… watch your mouth, jongin. Don't call my wife 'luv'! That's mine. And she's mine!
@kimkaiout kkkk. We can't get out for now oppa, maybe you guys can come, or just send us food, okay?...
Kimkaiout : @………I think I can't, babe.. your husband is being a pain in my ass now.. he's threatening me.. i'd send you and baby food by him, okay?..
Sehunna : @kimkaiout don't call my wife babe!! @……… luv, don't chat with jongin, he's a canibal! And sorry luv, I'm out for a party when you're with baby sena can't get out from our apartment ..:(
@sehunna it's okay oppa... Just have fun, we're havin fun too here. Kkkkk [A picture of sehun's wife and baby sena smiling at the camera, they're wearing a wolf hat]

¤ january 20th, 2015 ¤
Many people said that baby sena is really look a like sehun, she has sehun's nose, lips and jaw line, but she has my eyes, yeay!

¤ january 24th, 2015 ¤
I don't know what would the fans do to me when they found out about us and baby sena... would they agree?

Taeyeongim : @……… stay strong sena eomma!!
@taeyeongim hehe ne, eonni.. I will stay strong! Gomawoyo eonni~
Sjhyun : @……… sena eommaaaa! Fighting!!
@sjhyun ne! Fighting eonni!
Yoooona : @……… I hope you guys always happy.. I know it's hard when he's leave you to show..
@yoooona thanks eonnie! I'm happy with our little family. Even though he always busy, but, sometimes he spent time with us..
Sehunna : @……… pls, stay by my side.. I love you both so much<3
@sehunna we will oppa! I and baby sena will always stay besides you. We love you too oppa<3 [A picture of sehun's wife and baby sena with a V sign]

¤ January 25th, 2015 ¤
Yeay! One month for baby senaaa [A picture of baby sena]

Syofgg : @……… chukaeyo baby sena!
Taeyeongim : @……… wow~ uri nephew is getting bigger now!
Kimkaiout : @……… chukaeyo baby senaaa, I'll wait for you~ I'm gonna marry you later..
Sehunna : @kimkaiout @……… kim jong in!! Don't you ever think to marry my baby you freakin' phedo!
Kimkaiout : @sehunna @……… baby sena~ your appa isn't allowed me to be with you.. :(
Sehunna : @kimkaiout @……… shut up kai!

¤ January 30th, 2015 ¤
The lazy family [A picture of sehun, his wife, and sena on sehun arms, sitting lazily on the couch]
You know what? Sehun is cooking now... kkkkk
Look what he did to my kitchen...ckckck [A picture of their mess kitchen, the pan is black-butt, the tools are lying here and there, and there smoke in the room]
I just done ordering pizza from the phone, and sehun's cleaning up my kitchen now... kkkkk. He's taking his responsibility..

¤ February 1st, 2015 ¤
Exo would comeback on march, so here I am just with baby sena, because sehun is busy practicing.. I hope the best for exo ot10! Fighting!

Isooman : @……… why don't you take sena to sm, I want to meet her, sena eomma..
@isooman I'm afraid I can't, lee sajang. Maybe if sena's already 3/4 moths I would bring her to sm.. baby sena wants to meet you too^^
Isooman : @……… okaaay, I'll wait for the baby to come
@isooman ne~ sajangnim..
¤ February 3rd, 2015 ¤
He's being an asshun now, because he didn't want to wake up... oppa~, you have to practice for you comeback...
Kimkaiout : @……… just pour a bucket of water to his face, babe..
@kimkaiout andweyo oppa-,-

¤ February 5th, 2015 ¤
Baby sena is sun bathing now at the park... [A picture of baby sena on baby's cart]

¤ February 7th, 2015 ¤
We're watching movie together [A picture of sehun, his wife and sena]
He isn't practicing for today~ yeay!

¤ February 8th, 2015 ¤
What a romantic husband<3 he gave me flowers and taking me to have a canddle light dinner with him, to celebrate our first year anniversary...

Taeyeongim : @……… happy anniversar two love birds...
Yoooona : @……… wow~ happy anniv for you guys..
Kimkaiout : @……… "happy anniversary!!" It's from exo boys, babe~
Sehunna : @kimkaiout @……… kim jong in!!
Syofgg : @……… happy anniversary!!!
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I ask him "where is baby sena?" And you know what? He said that baby sena is at exo's dorm now.. I don't know what those boys would do to baby sena...

Tiffanyfany : @……… why don't you send the baby to gg's dorm...?  We want to play with the baby :(
@tiffanyfany mianhae eonni, sehun's the one who give sena to exo
Tiffanyfany : @……… hft... hit sehun's head for me, okay?...
@tiffanyfany okay eonni!

¤ February 10th, 2015 ¤
Baby sena-neun ppalgeyeo~ [A picture of baby sena in red sheets]
We are going to buy groceries, yeay!

¤ Februari 12th, 2015 ¤
Baby sena's laughing.. so cuteeee~ [A video of baby sena while laughing]
Tiffanyfany : @……… aww~ she's so cute~ I want to bite her check
Taeyeongim : @tiffanyfany @……… nado~ she so cuteeeeee~^^
@tiffanyfany @taeyongim andweyo, imeo~ baby sena didn't want to get bite :p

¤ February 14th, 2015 ¤
He woke me up early in the morning to give me these, chocolate and flowers.. he said "happy valentine, luv"..  such a lovely husband.. and I gave him what he wants......

¤ February 15th, 2015 ¤
I don't know who is the baby here? Because he use baby sena's crib, now the baby have to sleep on the couch.. such an asshun appa! [A college picture of sehun sleeping in baby sena's crib and sena sleeping on the couch]
Gosh! He must be really tired huh? He already sleep for almost 3 hours now.. okay, oppa, I'll let you sleep there, but if your body hurt later, don't be an asshun, okay?!

Kyungdosoo : @……… is he really sleep there, sena eomma?
@kyungdosoo he is, oppa. I already try to wake him up, but he always said 'five more minutes, luv', I don't know what to do then..
Kyungdosoo : @……… oh my god.. is he really a father?
Susuho : @kyungdosoo @……… maknae still a maknae..

¤ February 16th, 2015 ¤
Because he use baby sena's crib, He's absence for practicing today..ckck such an asshun!

Kyungdosoo : @……… he deserved all that hurt!

¤ February 20th, 2015 ¤
Sehun's being an asshun now, he said "LUUUVVV!! TODAY'S FRIDAY!!! YEHET! YEHET!" He run around the apartment, and make baby sena who was sleeping awake now, ckck.. nappeun appa!

¤ February 25th, 2015 ¤
Our apartment now fill with exo samchuns.. they want to celebrate baby sena's two months.. ckckck
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¤ February 28th, 2015 ¤
Tommorow we'll go to thailand!! Yeayyyy!!

Taeyeongim : @……… really sena eomma? I though exo would've concerts on march..
@taeyeongim ne eonni, he said that he's got 4 days off before the concert
Taeyeongim : @……… oh really? Have fun you guys!!!! Don't forget me... *wink.. you know what I mean right sena eomma?
@taeyeongim ne~ eonni.. arasseoyo~

¤ March 1st, 2015 ¤
We're going to thailand!!! [A picture of sehun, his wife and baby sena at incheon airport]
Arrived... hello thailand!! [A picture of sehun, his wife, and baby sena at ~~~ airport]

¤ March 2nd, 2015 ¤
¤ May 1st, 2015 ¤
Hi... we're at the van waiting for sehun to arrived. [A picture of sehun's wife and baby sena]
We miss him so much....
Actually, he just three days in japan, but it feels 3 months already, I and sena are really miss him so badly!
Baby sena said she want to meet appa, she miss appa a lot!
Yeay! Appa is here! [A picture of sehun, sehun's wife and sena in the van together]
For now I and sehun are in the bedroom while cuddling...<3

¤ May 2nd, 2015 ¤
@zitaopanda Happy birthday, tao oppa, wish you all the best!
@zitaopanda you're welcome oppa, oh ya, baby sena also say happy birthday to you, she said she's waiting you to treat her for dinner. Kkkk
@zitaopanda it really is sena, oppa, not me. You know, I know what her lips mumble, so I'm just telling you that... hihihi
@zitaopanda baby sena said 'yeay!'. Lol.

¤ May 4th, 2015 ¤
We are shopping now. Kkkk [A picture of sehun's wife and baby sena in her arms at the mall]
Baby sena said she wants a cute dress for baekhyun&tao samchun birthday party!
This tie is cute right? I'm going to buy it for sehun [A picture of a tie in sehun's wife's palm]
Omo! Baby sena said she wants a lingerie!!! Lol [A picture of baby sena with a lingerie which sehun's wife held in front of baby sena]

¤ May 6th, 2015 ¤
Baekhyun and tao's birthday party!

¤ May 8th, 2015 ¤
Taeyeongim : @……… sena eommaaaa.. let's go somewhere!
@taeyeongim go where eonni?
Taeyeongim : @……… let's go shopping. Kkkk
@taeyeongim wait, eonni.. I ask sehun oppa for his permission first..
Taeyeongim : @……… okay,
@taeyeongim he's allowed me eonni.. and he wants me to take baby sena with me..
Taeyeongim : @……… ofc. You have to take baby sena, because I want to meet my nephew too! I'll pick you guys up, okay..?
@taeyeongim okay, then, me and baby sena are waiting for you to bring us out from here...
Sehunna : @taeyeongim @……… noona, pls, take a care of them...
Taeyeongim : @sehunna @……… neee~ sena appa!~

¤ May 9th, 2015 ¤
We're so tired today, 'cause yesterday we were shopping for almost 4 hours with taeyeon eonni... [A picture of sehun's wife and baby sena, they're sleeping on the bed]
Imaginenya belom selesai. Dan grammarnya juga ancur banget. Huft!

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